NWSD RC Chassis Table (Patent Pending)




This is the ST-1 Scaler Table (Patent Pending). The FIRST scale chassis table on the market. Your next build will be faster more precise and most important- MORE FUN with the ST-1!

The ST-1 is CNC Laser cut and formed from 304 Stainless Steel, this material insures that it will never rust or degrade.

The ST-1 features:

  • The main table, a functional workstation.
  • Precision CNC laser etched measurements in metric and SAE as well as reference lines to ensure your chassis and axles are square.
  • Link building station.
    • This can be used to design and measure your own custom length links. We also include an “adjustable link” to establish hard to measure suspension components.
  • Shock filling stations for oiling shocks and holding them upright.
  • Axle stands that are adjustable to set your desired wheel base and height to precise measurements.
  • Frame stands to set precise chassis height.
  • Pinion height stand to set pinion height, angle, and caster before building suspension links.
  • Extremely adjustable can be used with most 1/10th scale RC models.

Fasteners included:

  • M3x12mm Socket cap bolts
  • Plastic washers
  • Channel nuts


For convenience, we’ve got a FAQ page For all other questions, please email support@nwscalerdesigns.com

All product shipping materials 99% biodegradable.

All tables may take up to 2 weeks to ship.

Build it better. Build it faster. Build it with Northwest Scaler Designs.


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