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Introducing the NWSD Bouncing Betty V5 long wheel base leaf chassis!
The 5th edition of the Bouncing Betty is much more than a cosmetic update- This new chassis represents a major step forward in the capability of leaf chassis builds!

The Bouncing Betty was originally designed around 2016 with the idea of using the wide aftermarket support of durability of Axial style axles and transmissions. This opened up the leaf spring build possibilities considerably over the traditional options.

Every version of the Bouncing Betty has represented a jump forward but the current version is a huge leap.

Here is what changed to enable that leap forward!

BBV5 details

– The chassis has been narrowed to allow for more steering angle. It’s an understatement to say most leaf chassis are limited in steering angle! The V5 solves this problem and allows for steering angle similar to competition link builds ( your axles ultimately control the max steering angle) !! The V5 requires special leaf adapters that are only currently available through JEC for AR44 3 piece axles and F10t and other choices coming very soon!!!

-The V5 features a forward skid design that was taken from the Bouncing Betty super short V4. Better forward bias combined with better steering and suspension flex really makes for an incredibly capable rig!

-The V5 features leaf hangers that allow for massive adjustment of the wheel base to help tune to different bodies wheel openings

-The V5 rear leaf hanger slots offer adjustment for wheelbase just like all the previous versions.
Ideal wheel base for the long wheel base V5 is 11.25” to 12.5” but can be adjusted much more with our spring hangers and offset leaf adapters ( I will release a SWB version also)

-The V5 also features huge amounts of adjustment for multiple length leaf springs up to 6” fronts for massive flex!

-Stainless steel shackles and hardware are now standard

-The rear shock hoops are removable ( similar to the bbv3 ) to allow for more body setup options

-Vertical RC dual servo mount is included with the chassis set. The chassis is slotted to allow the servo mount to shift forward and back 3/8” to allow better servo placement tuning

-Skid with 3 gear pattern and rear brace are also included
– leafs included
17.5″ total chassis length
Forward motor mount $80

Body mounts for extended cab, 4runner, mojave and Mojave 4dr are available! $35 per set- includes grub screws


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